Mawangdui Tai Chi & Dao Yin Workshops


Date:    Saturday 11th May 2018
Time:    10am - 2pm
Venue:    Slade Community Hall, Pendrell Street, SE18
Price:   £50 per person (£40 for current or former Students)*
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You will be learning the Mawangdui Dao Yin Exercise, which is a sequence of 12 movements that have been compiled by the Chinese Health Qigong Association.

The exercise combines bending & stretching, rising & squatting and extending & withdrawing, all movements that stimulate the connective tissues, improving flexibility.  The movements will also help to strengthen the back muscles and improve balance in your body posture.  Check out our gallery!


The health benefits of this sequence are:

+ Stimulate mental concentration

+ Stimulate circulation

+ Improve flexibility and balance

+ Strengthen your back muscles - ideal for those who suffer with back pain

+ Help with spinal curvature

+ Stimulate the respiratory system.


To reserve* your place, please complete the questionnaire (download it here) and send it with payment to the address on the form.


If you have already attended one of our workshops, then you do not need to complete the questionnaire again unless there have been any changes to answers previously given.  In this instance, please use the Contact me page to reserve your place.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact me for help or information.


* Places are only provisional until payment is made


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