Tai Chi & Dao Yin Workshops


Tai Chi & Dao Yin are excellent forms of gentle exercise with a range of many benefits.


Sometimes, as much as you'd like to attend regular classes, for whatever reason, it's not possible.  With this in mind, I have introduced workshops.  These 4 hour classes will happen a few times throughout the year - every couple of months - where you will learn a whole sequence.  Each sequence learnt will have a specific health benefit, for example the Marwangui sequence helps strengthen back muscles, therefore helping those who suffer with back pain (amongst other things) and the Dao Yin Sequence to Stimulate the Heart Meridian Line stimulates special pressure points to help to regulate High Blood Pressure.  These workshops are also backed up and reinforced with monthly revision classes every last Saturday of each month.


Workshops - 2019

Marwangdui Dao Yin Sequence | Dao Yin Sequence to Stimulate the Heart Meridian Line


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact me for help or information.

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