Tai Chi Fan Sequence


Date:    1st Saturday of each month
Time:    12:20pm - 1:20pm
Venue:    Slace Community Hall, Pendrill Street, SE18 2PJ
Price:   £10 per class or pay £50 and get 6 sessions*


Tai Chi Fan sequence is part of the Dao Yin Yang Sang Gong sequence, which uses other equipment like the baton, ball, fan, swords etc to enhance the Tai Chi movements.
This sequence is a creation of traditional Chinese Martial Art through elegant dance and music.


The health benefits of this sequence are:

+ The soft and gentle stretching movements stimulate the spirit, body and mind to relax

+ The swift and firm movements helps with concentration, co-ordination and balance


We will also be revising 'The Poem' and 'Northern Shaolin' sequences.


To join* this class, please complete the questionnaire (download it here) and send it with payment to the address on the form.


If you have already attended one of our classes, then you do not need to complete the questionnaire again unless there have been any changes to answers previously given.  


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact me for help or information.


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