What is Dao Yin?


Dao Yin  導引


Dao Yin in ancient Chinese means 'guiding and stretching',  It is a traditional Chinese form of beautiful stretching exercises, which is usually combined with breathing techniques. It is also referred to as Yang Sheng which means 'nourishing life'.


Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong was created in the 1960s by Professor Zhang Guangde, who is the Honorary General Director of Zhang Guangde's Daoyin Yangsheng Gong Centre at Beijing Sports University, China. 


In China Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong has been officially recognised by the Ministry of Health and is used by hospitals and sanatoria for the treatment of various illnesses.  There are many Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong Associations established throughout Europe and more than 3,000 practicing students and teachers in the UK.


49 Dynamic Meridian Movements


This sequence consists of 49 soft, fluent and harmonious movements that can be practised by either standing or in a sitting position.


There are many pressure points on our body that relate to the different systems within our body.  This exercise is a simple sequence of Tai Chi movements which concentrate on our mind and breathing to stimulate the Meridian Lines (pressure points) within our body - for example pressure points for the circulatory system and the digestive system

The health benefits of learning and practising the 49 Dynamic Meridian Movements sequence are:


 + Improve energy circulation

 + Stimulate the respiratory and digestive systems
 + Loosen the joints, which can improve balance
 + Help with flexibility & co-ordination
 + Help with concentration and relaxation


Learning this sequence will provide the opportunity to learn other useful pressure points e.g. points to help regulate high/low blood pressure and bladder functions amongst others.


The Baton Sequence


This sequence uses a especially designed baton to practise 8 movements.  This stimulates the circulatory and digestive system, the liver and the spleen.  It also helps to strengthen all joints and improve coordination and balance.


The Poem of Dao Yin


The Poem is an elegant sequence of Dao Yin & Tai Chi, which combines Chinese art, culture and Dao Yin dance movements.

It can help with flexibility and will stimulate various meridian lines.  It's also fun to learn!


The Ninety Nine Rejuvenate Sequence


This sequence consist of 39 movements.  It's easy to learn and can be practised both standing and sitting.  You can be of any age, or ability to learn this sequence.


The health benefits of learning and practising the Ninety Nine Rejuvenate sequence are:


 + Slow down / revert the ageing process as this sequence exercises the whole body from head to toe

 + Strengthens muscles and joints
 + Improves circulation and balance
 + Enhances the harmony of mind and body


Marwangdui Sequence


This sequence consist of 12 stretching and bending movements which are especially helpful to those with spinal or back problems.  


The health benefits of learning and practising the Marwangdui sequence are:


 + Stimulate the connective tissue of the spine

 + Improves flexibility of the back muscle
 + Enhances co-ordination and balance

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