About Me


My first qualification is a degree in Physical Education obtained in Hong Kong and University of London.  I have taught PE in both Hong Kong & London for over 10 years in mainstream schools.  Initially trained in the traditional Chi Qong and Northern Shaolin Form in Hong Kong, I am also a qualified Chinese Tai Chi practitioner with over 25 years of experience.


I have been teaching Tai Chi for the Adult Education of  Bexley and Greenwich Boroughs for over 10 years.  My teaching also expands to many other organisations.


Having the experience of teaching a diverse range of students with varied abilities and health conditions and my love of studying, I began to explore techniques to enhance my own personal well-being as well as my students and found the Dao Yin Yang Sang

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Gong.  This is easier for new students to learn and more beneficial for people with varied health conditions.  I began to study Dao Yin Yang Sang Gong in the UK and France, and took this further by continuing my studies at Beijing Sports University, China, under Professor Zhang Guangde.  In 2010, I had the honour of being recognised as Professor Zhang's personal disciple.


SInce then, I have achieved the "6th Duan" of the Professional Grading Examination at Beijing Sports University - Dao Yin Yang Sang Gong.  This is the highest practical qualification for Dao Yin teachers, which grants me the ability to recommend my students to take 1- 3 Duan Examinations which will enable them to sit the exam to gain a universally recognised qualification from Beijing Sports University.


Currently, I teach many organisations and educational institutions which include:


 + School & Hospital Teams

 + Adult / Community Education

 + Community / Voluntary Organisations

 + Lewisham & Charlton Parkinsons Association

 + Elderly Lunch Clubs

 + NHS - Healthy Living Services

 + Team Building Seminars / Staff Lunches

 + Personal Training